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"Performance through carbon fibre innovation"



ZEEK is a UK manufacturer of ultra-high performance carbon fibre equipment. We specialise in innovative solutions to give you the forefront in carbon fibre technology.


We use the highest quality materials available which we combine with our own specifically developed production process to manufacture products designed to lead the industry in quality and function. 


We pride ourselves in manufacturing our products from 100% carbon fibre with the highest possible quality and as such we put great emphasis on retaining visibility of the material's weave. 

Carbon Fibre Upgrades

At ZEEK we manufacture carbon fibre parts that we design to supersede the performance of the original parts that they replace. 

With years of experience creating composite parts going into aerospace, medical and defence sectors we have amassed a huge amount of experience and technical know how that enables us to redesign and dramatically improve composite parts so that they perform to the highest possible standards. 

If you wish for a particular carbon fibre part to be upgraded above the performance of the stock part we will be happy look into a redesign for you. We specialise in creating parts that are no only more durable, stronger and lighter but also more capable of withstanding the high temperature environments experienced within cars on the track.

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